How to Start A Blog Series: Blogger vs. WordPress

I always seem to find my teaching-bone late at night when I’m too tired to work on real work, but not tired enough to go to bed. Tonight is one of those nights. It’s how my Photography Tips post was born, and it’s going to be how this post is born too. With the new year here, you are probably setting goals and making big plans to bring about change in 2015. One of my goals is to share more behind the scenes content on blogging and business. This has been on my mind for quite some time, but has been pushed to the wayside as this past year has also brought some exciting growth with my design studio. And if I’m being completely honest, I feel like this whole teaching element is a piece to a puzzle that I’ve been missing. As much as I love creating printables, designing websites, and helping bloggers transform their online presence – I find a great deal of fulfillment teaching & helping other creative entrepreneurs and bloggers grow their brand. I want to help more creatives find their voice and realize what they have to say is worth something. I’m going to be posting these informational type of posts on Fridays (probably not every Friday, but I’ll do my best!), so stay tuned for those. I’m also in the process of writing a e-book on photography tips, so be sure to sign up for my e-Club to get notified of when that will launch and go on sale!

Learn how to start a blog & the differences between Blogger and WordPress!

So without further adieu, let’s start the How to Start A Blog Series with my thoughts on the Blogger vs. WordPress debate! Whether starting a blog has been on your mind, or you are just curious as to how the whole thing works, I hope this series will take some of the intimidation away from the whole process. If you’ve got a passion for something & a willingness to learn, starting a blog can be a rewarding and fun way to share those passions with others. The first step to starting a blog is deciding on a blogging platform. Two of the most prominent blogging platforms (and the two I work with for custom blog design clients) are Blogger and Many people have their opinions on each, but here’s what I tell my blog design clients. If you are wanting to blog for the mere purpose of writing, testing the waters, and seeing if blogging is even something you want to do, then Blogger (which is free) is probably suitable for your needs. In fact, I started one of my first blogs on Blogger back in 2011 and then switched to a self-hosted account two years in because I wanted more advanced capabilities for my site; such as Recipe & DIY thumbnail galleries and more control of my plugins. But for many bloggers & clients, Blogger is 100% suitable for their needs.

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How to Make a DIY Emergency Vitamin C Kit

With this wicked flu going around lately, I’m sure you know someone who could use a little winter warmth delivered to their door. With this DIY emergency Vitamin C kit, you can deliver a box of feel-better goodies to their porch (ding-dong-ditch style so you don’t catch the bug yourself!) and send the flu packing once and for all.

DIY Emergency Vitamin C Kit

When the rare event occurs that I get sick (currently knocking on wood), there are few things that I’ll get out of bed and walk 20 feet for. Orange juice, saltine crackers, and canned soup (homemade is far too much work in these times of need) are a few of them. Any farther than 20 feet is just not going to happen, let alone getting my self to go the store. If a kit like this showed up at my door, I would praise the angels and then tell them to pull one of their miracles and heal me.

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