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If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably saw the plethora of pictures from my trip to Arizona last week. My college friend Devon moved down south about a year ago and it was about time I went to visit! The week was filled with tacos, icecream, and well… that about sums it up. She’s a taco lover like myself, so she was all for planning a city wide taco tour. Before the trip, we made a unrealistic list of 15-20 taco places we wanted to hit up during the week, and although we only made it to six places, I left with a full stomach of tacos and lots of pictures. At each stop, we basically pretended to be professional food critics as we rated different aspects of the service. Although I must say that any level of “professionalism” was thrown out the door when we realized that the rating cards basically made us look like we 5 years old coloring at the table. (If only we would have brought crayons…)

Love tacos? These free printable score cards are the perfect accompaniment to any taco tour! Rate each restaurant and keep track of your favorites!We rated each establishment on taste, heat, presentation, and ambiance and kept track of each on the printable cards. We have plans to add our notes to Yelp, but we’ll see if we actually get that far! Devon is a way better storyteller than me, so if you want to read more about the places we visited and their “ratings” hop on over to her blog. And while you’re over there, make her recipe for the chicken tacos you see below. They will change your life. I’ve already made them twice this week and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Love tacos? These free printable score cards are the perfect accompaniment to any taco tour! Rate each restaurant and keep track of your favorites! Download at Design Eat Repeat!

Download the Free Taco Tour Score Cards

If you’re not the taco tour type, these cards would also be a fun addition to a summer party. Have each guest bring a different type of taco meat (shrimp, chicken, beef) and have everyone choose/rate their faves! You’ll get a chance to try a bunch of different flavors and you might just discover a new recipe in the process.

A big shoutout to Devon for letting me crash her city all week! I was greeted home to the Midwest with tornado sirens, so I’m thinking that moving to AZ is my only option at this point. No snow AND a city full of taco trucks? Count me in.

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    Omgsh, I love these Taco Scorecards!! My boyfriend and I are always eating and new taco place and these would be perfect to keep track of our favorites!! Thank you for sharing!!

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      This makes me so happy! When I created them, I didn’t know if anyone would actually use them – but I’m so glad to hear there are other taco lovers out there who would do a taco tour!

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