Fun Free Printable To Do List

So I planned to go to bed hours ago, but after drinking half of a mountain dew, I am now wired. It brings me back to the college days not long ago, when I wired myself with diet mountain dew to get through an all-night design project. I don’t drink pop/soda much anymore, so I guess the caffeine shakes I have now are trying to tell me I’m getting old. But now that I was able to stay up past 9pm, I’m going crazy trying to get a weekend to do list together. I made this free printable to do list a few weeks ago as an attempt to make the mundane weekend errands just a little more fun. I’ve come to find out that if I don’t have a list written out every weekend, I get absolutely nothing done. There’s just something about physically crossing something off a list that makes me feel more productive. So if there’s any way to make folding two weeks of laundry just a little more fun, then why the heck not.

Free Printable To Do List

On this particular day of the photoshoot, I just happened to have some macarons and a $6 bottle of white wine on hand as rewards to get me through the treacherous to do list. I’d like to say that I waited to reward myself until after the to do list was complete, but that’s just not how it went down. Drinking wine trumps folding laundry any day.

Although I’m kid-less, this free printable to do list would make a fun “chore game” for kids. You write down the chores they need to do, and then once they have three in a row, they get some kind of incentive. Since the middle square is a “freebie,” just make sure to put tougher chores on the corner squares! Make em’ earn that allowance.

Free Printable To Do List by Design Eat Repeat

Download the Free Printable To Do List

Downloading Tips: Save the PDF directly to your desktop by clicking  ”File > Download”  on the printable screen. Do not print directly from “Preview Mode,” as image & colors will appear distorted.

Every kid knows how to play tic-tac-toe, so there’s no excuse for the children in your life to slack on their chores this new year. And if they do slack off, just bribe them with Dairy Queen blizzards. You’d be surprised how many times I got my siblings to clean up my post-baking kitchen disasters in exchange for ice cream. Sad, but true. Very, very true.

And that’s about as far into parenting advice as I’ll ever get. You can thank me for the icecream later, kids. As for the chore part, sorry I’m not really that sorry about it.

* Looking for another more standard to do list? Check out this one I posted a while back.


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