Free Printable Winter Wall Art

The plan for the weekend was to get a little shopping done before the big day. I’ve been a total slacker this year and am putting off shopping until the last minute. This year has flown by and I honestly do not know how it’s already the end of December. Needless to say, I woke up to the sound of snow plows this morning and a few inches of snow blanketing the parking lot. Which means one thing. My couch and snuggie were the only two things that would see my face today. Forget the mall, I guess I’ll be whipping up some homemade gifts tomorrow night like a true slacker.

So, moral of the story…snow blows. (Although I’m not too mad about the snow summoning me to my couch all day.)

Free Winter Printable_Snow Blows
Download the Free Printable Winter Wall Art

Downloading Tips: Save the PDF directly to your desktop by clicking  ”File > Download”  on the printable screen. Do not print directly from “Preview Mode,” as image & colors will appear distorted.

Ever since school snow days were out of the picture, I’m just not a big fan of snow. Yes, it’s pretty and all. And yes, I’m a grinch about it. But when I have to drive like a 90 year old to prevent sliding in the ditch, I could do without.


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    This made me giggle – I am an island-born, adoptive Californian girl, and I am stuck in chilly Switzerland, and after the first 5 minutes when it looks all pretty, I despise snow. So yes, I am pinning this to print when the next snow storm hits ;-)
    Thank you for sharing this!

    Happy New Year!

    • says

      Ahh, I bet Switzerland is gorgeous with snow! I was there last year for a few days and wanted to stay forever. If you end up printing this off, I’d love to see a pic of it being used! :)

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