“Freshly Cut Tree” Free Printable Christmas Art

Yesterday was pretty exhausting. I hit up the local tree farm, chopped down a 6 ft tall tree, hauled it home, up two flights of stairs, and threw it in a corner to decorate. All. By. Myself.

Oh wait, no I didn’t. Because this is about as fresh of a tree I’m going to get this year…

Free Printable Christmas Art - A fun "freshly cut" Christmas tree

Download the 8×10 “Freshly Cut Tree” Free Printable Christmas Art

Downloading Tips: Save the PDF directly to your desktop by clicking  ”File > Download”  on the printable screen. Do not print directly from “Preview Mode,” as image & colors will appear distorted.

If you ever thought I’d go to that much trouble for a plant, then you’ve still got a thing or two to learn about me. Apartment life (and my extreme distaste for cold weather) just doesn’t promote things like this. So until I muster up the energy to actually go chop one down like my childhood years, this piece of paper framed on my fireplace mantle is just going to have to do.


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